Hey, Got Any Questions?

If there aren’t the answers you are looking for below, please feel free to call us and speak with a dedicated member of our sales team. 0191 491 0629 or Email Gary@Muss-Styling.com

How long does it take to apply a vinyl wrap?

Muss Styling take great care when applying vinyl, the entire exterior body of the vehicle has to be cleaned, prepped and polished. We then strip the entire vehicle of and handles and clean each component individually, before covering and refitting. This process takes us between 3 -7 working days and gives a fantastic new car feeling restyling and protecting all surfaces.

What is your guarantee?

Muss Styling provides a 3 year warranty on all of our installation, a 5 year manufacturers warranty is provided by the material manufacturers. We offer a free repair or replace policy on all of our vinyl work, for any issues that may arise from our application.

Can your styling be removed?

All wrapped parts can be removed to restore the vehicle back to its standard position, leaving behind no residue. Whilst removing a wrap there is an increased chance of damaging paint work below, we can not guarantee the quality of the original paintwork so flaking and stress marks may be inherent. However, if issues are to arrive our fantastic affiliates provide us with first class support and we provide a fantastic customer warranty.


Painted parts cannot be restored and would have to be repainted to restore to a factory finish.

How can i wash the car?

Muss styling provides a mobile valeting company, we can visit you to maintain your wrapped car. Please speak with our sales team to arrange your home visit.

If you are looking to wash the car yourself, hand wash only, using a low powered garden hose and the products available in our Car Care store. Do not jetwash, we recommend using a car cover if parked underneath trees as sap and bird poo can stain. To wash off bird mess, use a luke warm kettle and pour over the area. This will soften any contaminates.

Are front window tints legal?

No front window tints are not legal, most glass is factory tinted now to the legal limit so no further film should be applied.

What do you remove from the car?

On every wrap we remove the following

Wing Mirrors, Door handles, Shark Fin, Rear Lights, Exterior grills and trims.

On certain vehicles we have to remove the front and rear bumper, especially if the car is changing from a light to a dark colour. This is to help us hide any strips of paint work that may be showing