Rear window Tints

Executive Tint

Executive Tint – This is the lightest film available and gives a brilliant look even for those who dont want the “tinted” look. Tinting has fantastic IV protection reducing glare and heat for passengers, and can also provide privacy within the car.

Limo Tint

Limo tinted windows provide maximum privacy and protection as potential thieves cannot see into the vehicle reducing any opportunist crimes. This is a great and popular look as is 100% legal to black out the glass from the passenger windows backwards.

Medium Tint

The most popular tint, often described as a light blend, is a fantastic way to improve the exterior styling, while receiving al the privacy and security benefits of a limo tint. A blended look across the car gives a very stylish look and can make any vehicle look fantastic. We require half a day to fit any tints.

Headlight Tinting

Headlight tinting comes in either medium or dark, this gives a great look to the rear of a vehicle and is also 100% legal. We use a very good quality Hexis Film, which lets light through but removes the glare and creates a smoked appearance. These films are extremely popular and take 1 hour to fit.